Jerome Grondin Lazazzera, Derek Cooke, Mike Brean, James Stewart
Collaboration between Queens University, Computing Sciences and OAISYS Inc.

A varied selection of segmented CT image sets were analyzed using a sagittal plane based reference approach for the annotation of key landmarks. This method of 3D analysis is reproducible and has provided new information on knee geometry with good inter-observer reliability. Reconstruction results using 2D renderings from CT images, based on the leave-one-out method, showed promise and viability of our method. Next steps  include matching implant dimensional data to SSA; clinical studies of matched CT and 2D imaged cases. Significance: Use of 2D radiographs instead of 3D imaging preoperatively reduces implant inventory, improves access, functional outcomes and reduces costs.

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This presentation will be presented at CORS session of the COA-AOA meeting June 2014 Montreal