Our evaluation gives you unique, personalized information about your knee.

We analyze information from a standing X-ray and knee cap views to identify the severity of the Osteoarthritis (OA) damage in these joint compartments and to determine your leg alignment (knock-kneed or bow-legged).  We combine this information with the results from a health questionnaire to give you an in-depth report on your knee problem with considerations for further care. The methods are reliable and developed from years of clinical research. For more information visit our news articles on Lisa Sheehy and Mark Harrison

The report should not be considered a medical diagnosis or treatment plan. We strongly recommend that you review the report and any treatment considerations with your primary care doctor or orthopedic surgeon. Knowing the extent of the problem optimizes your care. 

The Knee OA Analysis value

The Knee Evaluation helps in the early detection of knee arthritis. This is important because early detection means that treatments such as activity modification, physiotherapy or bracing may be applied appropriately to:

  • Maintain knee strength and mobility
  • Avoid damaging stresses
  • Reduce weight
  • Improve fitness levels

These approaches slow the arthritis progression and will delay or avoid the need for surgery.

What you need for the evaluation:

  • A standing frontal X-ray image of your knee and a skyline X-ray view of the knee cap joint, ideally within three months. Ask for an electronic copy of the X-rays in a JPEG format. There may be a charge for this service (between $10-$20).
  • Completion of an on-line health information questionnaire once you are registered.

To initiate your knee evaluation, and register contact us here. Once you have registered you will receive an email with further instructions.

Thank you, OAISYS Team