In conjunction with Queens University, School of rehabilitation therapy, OAISYS is supporting a  PhD project in a major evaluation of the Uni-Compartmental Grading (UCOAG) for knee OA. This scheme has shown preliminary reliability and a strong relationship to mechanical factors such as Knee Alignment (see publications Grading #3).  In the current project the data base used is that from MOST and the sample size much larger.  Grading data collected shows high inter and intra rater reliability.  The project has been presented at the 2013 OARSI World Congress.  Future studies are in progress to evaluate UCOAG utility for defining OA progression.  The studies suggest greater sensitivity and wider range of applications for clinical decision making as compared to Kellgren Lawrence grades. These studies were recently presented at the OARSI 2013 world congress.

For more information click here To view the poster presented.