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Founded in 1996 by Dr. Derek Cooke, OAISYS Inc. has emerged as a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective solutions for researchers and clinicians in the musculoskeletal field. With a strong background in clinical research, our focus gradually shifted towards directly benefiting patients, particularly those suffering from Osteoarthritis (OA).

Our imaging solutions offer precise analysis of bone and joint alignment, shapes, and sizes. These tools have proven indispensable for researchers, orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, and implant manufacturers when evaluating bone and joint conditions. The result is reliable, accurate, and high-quality information for both clinical and research purposes. At the core of our radiography expertise lies the Standardized Knee Imaging (SKI), which sets the gold standard with unrivaled image accuracy and measurement reliability.

Over the span of ten years, OAISYS provided Image Analysis services for NIH-supported projects involving lower limb alignment, analyzing over 10,000 images for major clinical research initiatives on Knee OA, including MOST 1 and 2, OAI, and MAK3. The results of these endeavors contributed to numerous significant publications.

In recent years, our efforts have been directed towards enhancing the care of knee OA patients. With support from the Canadian government (FedDev and IRAP grants), OAISYS partnered with leading orthopedic and rehabilitation groups at Queen's University and Toronto Western Hospital to evaluate the validity and reliability of a novel Compartmental Grading scheme for Knee OA. This grading system was utilized in conjunction with Disability Evaluations and Knee pain referrals, with independent results aligning with surgical recommendations. As a result, we developed a novel Knee Surgery Triage Tool, offering an innovative approach to improving patient care.

In the current landscape, there is a growing focus on Value-Based care, which has now become central to our mission. This shift has been driven by a deeper understanding of the limitations in providing equitable care and the disadvantages of case-by-case management. An essential aspect of this growth and reorientation has been the lessons learned from the development and application of Value-Based care, as demonstrated by the success story of the Kensington Eye Institute.

Moving forward, our objectives revolve around utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience to enhance the value in OA care. The research work conducted by OAISYS is certified by PHRP (NIH).

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