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A personalized care approach for patients with Osteoarthritis. 

Our primary objective is to minimize the variation in the care for patients with osteoarthritis (OA) by simplifying and streamlining the assessment and referral process. Generally, patients are evaluated based on their pain, functional limitations and structural joint damage, as viewed through imaging. However, the lack of a widely accepted and validated approach to determine the need for surgery, means that recommendations vary greatly.

The OAISYS  Knee OA Care Triage service provides a standardized and comprehensive approach for guiding patients towards the most appropriate course of action, whether surgical or non-surgical care. Using our proprietary (patented) approach, we precisely grade knee X-rays and incorporate validated disability scores with key demographic information. Together these enable us to generate an accurate comprehensive report that provides a clear staging of disease severity in simplified terms. The considerations for surgical or non-surgical care, aligned with best practices, are then tailored to the specifically identified stage. Ideally, this tool is employed early, upstream in the care pathway to identify options and appropriate interventions. Our clinical research has demonstrated that this evaluation accurately addresses the need for surgery in over 90 percent of cases (See JIS study for details). Moreover, by standardizing the assessment of disease severity, the tool helps prioritize the timing for surgery in an equitable manner. The images, disability scores, and risk considerations are set out in a straightforward form, making the report easier to interpret and to discuss the care options with patients. Shared decision-making promotes a better understanding by our patients of the available options to make informed commitments to their care. Most importantly, it assists in identifying and meeting their expectations.

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Improving the Evaluation of Knee Osteoarthritis and Developing an appropriate Care Plan

The evaluation of Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) varies greatly between clinician groups, Primary Care Providers (PCP) to various specialists, including Orthopaedic surgeons. It also varies considerably within these groups.  In general the PCP approach at the clinical encounter is to use what they were taught and feel comfortable with various imaging modalities.  These varying from plain X-Ray to MRIs.

As a result, the diagnosis of OA is often delayed, its severity poorly defined and the plans for care less than optimal. Referrals to specialists are frequently misguided, too early, or late for surgery.

Our approach is towards a standardized evaluation based on Evidence-Based information. Once made the evaluation  helps target the appropriate surgical or nonsurgical care based on best practices.

Our clinical studies indicate that specific combinations of Disability and Structural Change (defined by accurate Radiographic Grading) identify stages of severity that correlate well with recommendations for Knee Replacement Surgery, and non-surgical options for below these levels. When applied early, this approach has  great potential for improved symptoms and function with lessening requirements for surgical intervention. For more information on the studies click here.

The results of the evaluation are portrayed in an easily read yet comprehensive report. This includes the X-ray images, their grading, and the disability level scores. Considerations for care, based on best practice guidelines, are then matched to these and presented in straightforward terms. Risk factors for poor outcomes, which include low X-ray grades and younger age, are identified. Potential for higher risks of complications, such as obesity, are also identified. Now the stage is set for the discussion between the patient and the care provider on the care specifics, a very important decision when surgery is being considered. Also, the setting is ideal for the patient to identify their key expectations on the care and gain a real understanding of potential limitations.

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The OAISYS Triage streamlines the evaluation and care considerations of patients with Knee Osteoarthritis (OA)  based on sound evidence. It quantifies the Arthritic Severity and targets the most appropriate surgical or non-surgical care options. While ideally used upstream in the pathway it provides value to all stakeholders at all stages.

The key clinical information in the report shows the knee images and care considerations. It forms an ideal base on which the patient and their care provider may make a balanced shared decision. This uniquely enables and promotes a strongly personalized approach.  In addition to identifying the care needs in a unified way, the report sets the stage for the patient to identify key expectations and for the clinician to provide their best estimates of how the specific option will meet them.

As a web-based service,  the benefits are readily deployed at remote sites where access to referral clinics and surgeons is limited. The means to stratify surgery based on the severity enables a unique way to prioritize this care in a fair manner.

Ease, reliability, and speed of use streamline the pathway with outcomes of value for all stakeholders, especially the patient.


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