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A personalized care approach for patients with Osteoarthritis. 

OAISYS has been involved in several NIH-based studies as well as other academic research providing validated, systematic digital analysis services of bone and joint problems to each group. For further information about these studies and to see what our clients have said about our work please see endorsements.

Our services offer repeatable and accurate approaches for arthritis grading and lower limb measurements. We create customized algorithms and reports tailored to the project’s needs.

Our services encompass three areas:

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Bone landmarks are used as co-ordinates to define lower limb hip-knee-ankle alignment and related components of the knee’s articular geometry. Reliable, precise data are provided in custom reports or as a database for analysis. Services are tailored to needs.

Click here for more information about our research in limb alignment and deformity correction.

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Our services offer an evidenced based approach to grade the arthritic severity of the knee using a focused Compartmental Grading method. Data provided may be used in assessing changes over time or in relation to alignment,  disease progression or in its response to various treatments (pharmaceutical, orthotics and surgery).

Click here for more information about our research in joint grading.

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This service provides an accurate evaluation of bone and joint parts for precise dimensional data to optimize implant sizing. Positioning modules and registration markers allow the match to be made at the millimeter level. This approach enhances and optimizes surgical planning and patient care, and allows for just-in-time ordering of implants.

Click here for more information about our research in measuring images of bones and joints.

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Our services offer cost-effective ways to obtain reliable data for your research project.  Please contact us for more information.

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