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Dr. T. Derek V. Cooke

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Derek Cooke founded OAISYS Inc in 1996 to bring novel developments in orthopaedic research forward to solve clinical problems. Derek attended Cambridge University and St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in England where he obtained his science and medical degrees. All of his orthopaedic education was in Canada, within the Universities of British Columbia and Western Ontario programs.  He gained the Royal College of Surgeons, Canada Orthopaedic Fellowship in 1969.

His life-long career in musculoskeletal research includes several prestigious awards for arthritis research, and has provided the backbone to the development of OAISYS services and solutions. As a full professor of surgery at Queen’s University, his work with a team of engineers, rehabilitation specialists and surgeons fostered major developments in the understanding the mechanics of knee alignment, leading to the development of Standardized Knee Imaging and other innovations.

Research interactions with senior investigators of the Osteoarthritis Research community was instrumental in OAISYS proving services of full limb alignment analysis in the NIH supported MOST1 and 2, OAI and MAK 3 clinical research projects.  The data from these projects  continues to contribute unique publications on knee OA progression and the role of limb alignment (See research commendations).

Current research has focused on  Clinical applications.  OAISYS major thrust has been towards the development of novel web based ‘Triage’ tools to promote Evidence Based Knee OA evaluation by referring physicians  for the appropriate needs for knee surgery (See News).

Dr. Cooke holds 15 patents and has published over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts.


Chris Wale

Chief Software Architect

Chris Wale has 17 years experience working in small and medium sized companies such as Andyne/Hummingbird, Transformix Engineering, I-M Innovations Inc., including leading and managing all aspects of product development and support.

Chris is one of the principals of Pathogen Detection Systems that developed and now sells a rapid, automated E-Coli detection system worldwide. At Andyne/Hummingbird, Chris led a 12-person development and testing team for a middleware isolation component and worked with cross-functional teams to support customers and third party vendors.

He is recognized as a hands-on, pro-active troubleshooter who can rapidly identify problems, formulate strategic plans, initiate change and implement new processes in challenging and diverse environments.


Derek Cooke Jr.

System/Network Administrator

Derek Cooke, Over 30 years of experience in the architecture and implementation of computer network infrastructures for engineering and business systems supporting from small status to full-scale enterprise companies.  Derek also brings to the table extensive knowledge and background in mechanical design and tooling with an added knowledge and experience in business administration.  Derek has worked in Ottawa for multiple companies such as Sybarus Technologies, RedSky Mobile, Galazar and InGenius Software

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