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Taking Care of Plants


A personalized care approach for patients with Osteoarthritis. 

Navigating the complexities of Osteoarthritis (OA) can be daunting. It is a condition that manifests in various ways, with each person experiencing unique symptoms. Understanding what makes it worse and using that knowledge to slow its progression can eliminate the need for surgery. If surgery is necessary, receiving it promptly is ideal and can be life-changing. Unfortunately, plans for care vary greatly, and the decision to undergo surgery is not always based on the severity of the problem. Shockingly, one in five patients are dissatisfied following knee replacement surgery and any revision surgery carries even greater risks.

The OAISYS eTriage process is designed to evaluate the severity of your knee arthritis.  The findings are set out in a  comprehensive report that helps you understand how bad it is and then the  best options for your care. By outlining the options and addressing your expectations, our process empowers you to get the best possible care with the least risk.


Our mission is for you to live better with arthritis. By understanding your condition, mitigating the risks, and getting the appropriate care and surgery at the right time we support you to maintain a healthy, successful, satisfying, and independent life with OA.

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