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Who Needs a Total Knee Replacement?

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An eTriage prediction tool for Knee Arthroplasty

An eTriage prediction tool for Knee Arthroplasty Based on X-ray, KOOSjr and Patient Demographics Berend K Bradford D, and Cooke: in conjunction with Joint Implant Surgeons

A proof-of-concept study.

Comparison of a validated decision-support tool to a standard of care triage system for knee osteoarthritis assessment. A proof-of-concept study. CJS May 2023. Paige Wagar, Simrun Chahal, Rabail Siddi

When is a Knee Replacement Appropriate?

Gillian Hawker and David Hunter engage in an important discussion on Appropriateness for Knee Replacement surgery. Listen at Follow the Joint Action Podcast on Twitter at https


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